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Sun Joe SPX4000 Pressure Washer:

The Complete Buyer’s Guide

image showing the Sun Joe SPX4000 pressure washer

image showing the Sun Joe SPX4000 pressure washer

SPX4000 Specs
Model Number:SPX4000Cord Length:35 Feet
Motor:14.5A, 1800W MotorDetergent Tank:Included
Power Source:ElectricTips Included:x5
Maximum Pressure:2030 PSIFoldable Handle:No
Working Pressure:1450 PSIHose Length:20 Feet
Maximum Flow Rate:1.76 Gallons/minHose Thread:M22
Decibels (dB):96Product Dimensions:22" x 18" x 36.6"
Water Capability:ColdProduct Weight:27.8 lbs
What’s Included?
  • 1x Sun Joe SPX4000 Electric Pressure Washer
  • 5x Quick-Connect Spray Tips (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º, Soap)
  • 1x Extension Wand
  • 1x 20ft High Pressure Hose
  • 1x 35ft Power Cord w/ GFCI protection
  • 1x Garden Hose Adapter
  • 1x Needle Clean-Out Tool
Detailed Info

If you’ve ever experienced the unenviable task of manually scrubbing a dirty and grimy deck, patio or driveway, you’ll appreciate just how time-consuming (and backbreaking!) it can be. It doesn’t matter how much you scrub either, as the dirt ultimately proves stronger than you are, and all you end up with is a half-finished job while feeling tired, sore, and frustrated. Not ideal.

Who says it needs to be such hard work, though? You’ve probably heard the saying that a good workman never blames his tools, but we’re calling BS on that right here.

Enter the Sun Joe SPX4000 Electric Pressure Washer; the smarter choice for anyone looking to handle even the dirtiest of home, outdoor, and auto-cleaning projects as quickly, thoroughly, and hassle-free as possible.

As you’ll see from this article, the SPX4000 comes packed with a variety of features to make it as quick and easy as possible to cut through every last piece of dirt and grime. From its powerful motor that generates an impressive maximum pressure of 2030 PSI, to the variety of quick-connect tips that allow you to tailor the pressure washer’s powerful spray to whatever you’re cleaning, you’ll be able to spend less time (and effort!) cleaning and more time enjoying your handiwork, all thanks to the Sun Joe SPX4000 Electric Pressure Washer.

The Smartest Way to Achieve a Clean Finish

The heart of any pressure washer is its motor, and in the case of the SPX4000, this is a powerful 14.5 Amp electric motor that generates up to 2030 PSI, or 1.76 gallons per minute, to help you enjoy maximum cleaning power.

The SPX4000’s real strength lies in how easy it is to manage all that power, though. Firstly, it comes with five quick-connect tips (see box and image below) which helps you tailor the powerful spray of the jet washer to whatever you’re cleaning:

  • 0-degree high-intensity jet nozzle: Delivers a highly concentrated pencil-point jet stream to whatever you’re cleaning, and is ideally suited to moving the most stubborn of dirt.
  • 15-degree fan-tip nozzle: For particularly intense cleaning tasks on hard surfaces, for example, stripping paint, cleaning grease, or removing rust from steel.
  • 25-degree fan-tip nozzle: For a variety of household tasks, for example, cleaning brick patios, wooden decks, and driveways.
  • 40-degree wide-spray nozzle: For cleaning more delicate items, for example, cars, boats, patio equipment, lawn mowers, etc.
  • Soap nozzle: Specifically designed for when you’re using detergent. The lower pressure is ideal for cleaning equipment, removing mildew/oxidation stains from houses, and cleaning bricks, etc.

Note: Remember always to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, and take care to choose the right nozzle to avoid damaging whichever surface you use the SPX4000 on.

Secondly, the Sun Joe SPX4000 features innovative pressure select technology that allows you to adjust the overall pressure when needed. For example, if you’re tackling some light dirt, grease or grime, you can choose the LOW/1450 PSI setting, while leaving the HIGH/2030 PSI setting for particularly stubborn dirt and the toughest cleaning tasks.

Lastly, we touched on the SPX4000’s ability to combine detergent when discussing the nozzles, and this is all thanks to the pressure washer’s built-in detergent tank. Although some jobs can be tackled using water alone, some tasks benefit from using to detergent to allow for more effective dirt removal, and the ability of the Sun Joe SPX4000 to work with a pressure washer specific detergent is a huge advantage.

Just fill up the tank with detergent, fit the dedicated soap nozzle and you’re good to go – you can even adjust the suction volume of the detergent using a handy dial – simple!

Key Durability & Safety Features

One of the most vulnerable parts of a pressure washer is the pump itself, and this usually experiences a lot of stress and strain during day-to-day use and especially when the pressure washer is used incorrectly.

Sun Joe has incorporated an innovative trigger mechanism on the SPX4000, which in addition to having a crucial safety lock to prevent the pressure washer ejecting water by mistake, also includes a micro-switch which is sensitive to water flow. Sun Joe refers to this as the Total Stop System (TSS), and it can detect water flow in the SPX4000’s pump. When the user releases the trigger, water flow stops through the pump, and the TSS automatically turns the motor off to prevent the pump overheating which in turn saves energy and helps prolong the pump’s life.

Compact & Portable Design

Weighing only 27.8 lbs, the Sun Joe SPX4000 is very portable. It also features a wheeled frame, meaning you can transport it easily to wherever you need to clean, including carrying it up and down steps or in and out a vehicle with ease if required. The frame itself is also made from metal, helping protect the pressure washer from bumps, scrapes, and knocks during use or while in storage.

You don’t need to worry about cleaning areas far away from a water or power source either, and you can forget about needing to dig out that old extension cable, as the SPX4000 features both a 20-foot hose and a 35-foot power cable, allowing you to clean even the most remote areas with ease.

The SPX4000 is easy to store after use too, all thanks to its compact design which measures just 22″ x 18″ x 36.6″. What’s more, it even has a handy holder for the lance, the five quick-connect tips, the power cord, and the high-pressure hose to help keep everything together without crucial components going missing (see image below).

image showing the compact design of the Sun Joe SPX4000 pressure washer

Value for Money

Sun Joe has an excellent reputation for manufacturing quality products, and the SPX4000 more than lives up to this reputation, all while offering affordability and excellent value for money.

If you’re after a cost-effective pressure washer from a trusted and reputable company, and which features the power and cleaning capabilities akin to more expensive pressure washers from competing brands, you can’t go wrong with the SPX 4000.

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of the Sun Joe SPX4000 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX4000 – The Pros
  • It offers exceptional value for money.
  • Cut through the toughest dirt and grime with the Sun Joe SPX4000’s powerful dirt-busting capabilities (it features a very capable 14.5 Amp motor and can achieve a high maximum pressure of 2030 PSI).
  • Enjoy the flexibility to adapt the water flow to best suit whatever you’re cleaning thanks to the SPX4000’s handy quick-connect tips and rapid pressure change dial.
  • Easily handle even the most stubborn and persistent grease and grime by using the SPX4000’s built-in detergent tank along with its specific soap nozzle.
  • Benefit from an innovative lance trigger design that features both a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge of the pressure washer and Sun Joe’s Total Stop System (TSS) which saves energy and prolongs the life of the pump by reducing wear and tear.
  • Enjoy maximum portability of the Sun Joe SPX4000 thanks to it its low weight (27.8 lbs), wheeled design, 20-foot high-pressure hose, and a 35-foot power cable.
Sun Joe SPX4000 – The Cons
  • The SPX4000 does not feature a hose reel, meaning you’ll manually have to wind this up following use (the Sun Joe SPX4001 does offer this, however).

Popular Comparison

Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX4000

There isn’t a great deal of difference between the Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX4000.

Aside from appearance and weight, the main differences are that the SPX4000 comes with pressure select technology (choose between 1450/2030 PSI using a simple switch), whereas the SPX3000 doesn’t, and the 3000 series includes a dual detergent tank allowing you to hold two different types of detergent (the SPX4000 only has one).

You can read our write-up of the Sun Joe SPX3000 for more information, but here is a basic summary of each model:

(Scroll table if needed)

sun joe spx3000 electric pressure washer
Sun Joe SPX4000 electric pressure washer image
Model Number:
Sun Joe
Sun Joe
14.5A, 1800W
14.5A, 1800W
Power Source:
Maximum Pressure:
2030 PSI
2030 PSI
Working Pressure:
1450 PSI
1450 PSI
Maximum Flow Rate:
1.76 Gallons/min
1.76 Gallons/min
Decibels (dB):
Water Capability:
Detergent Tank:
Tips Included:
Cord Length:
35 Feet
35 Feet
Onboard Cord Storage:
Hose Diameter:
Hose Thread:
Hose Length:
20 Feet
20 Feet
Foldable Handle:
Product Dimensions:
15.6" x 13.5" x 33.9"
22" x 18" x 36.6"
Product Weight:
31 lbs
27.8 lbs

Sun Joe SPX4000 Review Videos

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