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Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw (20″):

The Complete Buyer’s Guide

image showing the Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw

image showing the Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Specs
Model Number:455 RancherTorque Max:3.2 Nm
Cylinder Displacement:55.5 cm³Fuel Consumption:407 g/kWh
Fuel:GasolineChain Speed @ Max Power:65.6 fts
Power Output:3.49 hpOil Tank Volume:0.68 US pint
Max Power Speed:9000 RPMOil Pump Type:Automatic
Idling Speed:2700 RPMWeight (excl. cutting equip.):13.2 lbs
What’s Included?
  • 1x Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw
  • 1x Guide-bar Cover
  • 1x Combination Spanner
  • 1x Operator’s Manual
Detailed Info

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher (20-inch) chainsaw is ideally suited to anyone such as a landowner, or a part-time user such as a homeowner who is looking for maximum portability without sacrificing on the power and cutting capacity needed to handle a wide variety of cutting conditions.

The business end of this version of the 455 Rancher is a 20-inch bar (15″ and 18″ versions are also available) and chain combination, with the chain capable of reaching an impressive top speed of 65.6 feet per second. While it probably won’t be powerful enough to suit the needs of a professional user, the more than adequate 3.49 hp, 55.5 cm³ engine and the variety of innovative features that make starting, stopping, and using the chainsaw that much easier help to make the 455 Rancher a happy medium in terms of power, cutting ability, convenience, and value for money.

Powerful Yet Efficient

Despite the chainsaw’s powerful and torquey output (3.49 hp and 3.2 Nm respectively), and its ability to deliver a variable power speed of up to 9000 RPM to help it to handle excellently across a variety of cutting conditions, the 455 Rancher is the perfect example of a chainsaw that features brains as well as brawn.

Usually, the bigger an engine, the more fuel it uses and the larger the emissions are. The 455 Rancher features X-Torq technology which helps to improve efficiency in a bid to overcome this trend, and this helps the chainsaw reach the impressive output figures mentioned while lowering overall fuel consumption and reducing exhaust emissions versus comparable chainsaws which don’t feature X-Torq.

As a result, the 455 Rancher is compliant with even the most stringent of environmental regulations worldwide, including the CARB (California Air Resources Board) requirements.

Easy to Start/Stop

If you’ve ever experienced a gas-powered tool that’s difficult to start, you’ll appreciate how frustrating it can be pulling the starter cord over and over again while the machine refuses to come to life. Not only can it be particularly sore on your hands, but it’s all-too-easy to pull the cord a bit too vigorously in a bid to vent your frustration, often leading to a broken pull-starter, a tool out of action, and in a lot of cases, a painful repair bill!

Who says it needs to be this tough, though? Thankfully, with the 455 Rancher, it isn’t, as it comes with a variety of features which make starting it as quick and straightforward as possible.

Firstly, addressing the issue of sore hands and the need to pull the starter cord within an inch of its life – the chainsaw’s engine and starter mechanism feature Husqvarna’s Smart Start branded technology which is designed to avoid this. The resistance in the 455 Rancher’s starting cord is reduced by up to 40%, meaning you can start the chainsaw with minimum physical effort (and minimal swearing!) versus other comparable models.

image showing the smart start pull starter on the Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw

Secondly, it’s no surprise that a fuel-starved engine will be difficult to start, and the 455 Rancher overcomes this scenario thanks to a fuel pump which ensures that enough fuel is available to help make starting easier. To handle the opposite extreme of having too much fuel which could lead to the engine flooding and the chainsaw refusing to start, it features a combined choke/stop control to minimize the risk of flooding altogether. Finally, to prevent too much air being available in the carburetor and fuel system, this model features a handy air purge system to remove excess for yet even easier starting.

And when you’ve finished? Just press the handy stop-button to cut off the chainsaw’s engine. Simple!

Easy to Use

It’s no secret that chainsaws can be intimidating to use, and this is probably especially true for the casual, non-professional user that this chainsaw targets. Husqvarna is well-versed in designing tools that are as safe, and as comfortable and easy to use as possible, however, and the 455 Rancher more than lives up to their stellar reputation.

The main safety feature comes in the form of an inertia-activated chain brake, which is designed to protect the user against chainsaw kickback (this is the unexpected reaction that causes the chainsaw to jump off an object). While you can reduce the risk of kickback by following the correct technique, the chain brake will either be activated automatically or manually (depending on the severity of the kickback), to provide additional protection to the user if it occurs.

image showing the chain brake kickback protection on the Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw

The 455 Rancher also features an angled front handle to provide a better grip and to help the user adopt a more natural working position when using the chainsaw. Not only does this act as a safety measure by giving the user greater control over the tool, but its ergonomic design also makes the chainsaw more comfortable to use over prolonged periods.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that chainsaws tend to generate a lot of vibration both during idle and while cutting, and if left undealt with this can be both irritating and uncomfortable for the user. To help overcome this, Husqvarna has built their LowVib technology into the 455 Rancher, and this system soaks up a lot of the machine’s vibrations before they can reach the operator’s hands and arms, helping reduce the amount of fatigue experienced from using the chainsaw.

Finally, a chainsaw’s effectiveness can just as easily be gauged by the precision of its cutting as well as how powerful it is. In addition to a highly-responsive throttle trigger that allows the user to take advantage of the chainsaw’s variable output of 2700-9000RPM to best suit each cut, the 455 Rancher’s body also features distinct felling marks to help you better identify the correct felling direction from your cuts for better felling precision.

Easy to Maintain

We don’t know about you, but one of our top priorities when considering various power tools is how easy they are to maintain. We’ve experienced both the best and the worst, from cheap machines which just run and run with little to no maintenance required, to expensive tools which seem to spend more time being tinkered with than they do running, so we always appreciate when a manufacturer makes easy maintenance one of their top priorities.

When it comes to this model, it excels in four stand-out areas. Firstly, it reduces the need for maintenance altogether thanks to a centrifugal air cleaning system which leads to less wear and longer operating times between filter cleanings. When it does come time to access the filter, this couldn’t be easier given the quick-release mechanism which speeds up the process of cleaning the filter or replacing it entirely as and when needed.

image showing the air injection system on the Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw

Next up is the adjustable oil pump which makes it straightforward to set the chain’s lubrication according to your needs, and given that a sufficiently lubricated chain will require less maintenance, this will save you time and effort in the long-run. On the subject of the chain, this model also features a handy side-mounted chain tensioner that allows you to make chain adjustments quickly and easily, helping minimize downtime by ensuring your chainsaw is always ready for whatever cutting requirements you have.

In Summary

Husqvarna has an excellent reputation for manufacturing quality chainsaws, and this model more than lives up to that reputation, all while offering excellent value for money.

If you’re in the market for a chainsaw that’s well-suited to handling whatever general purpose sawing requirements you can throw at it, you can’t go wrong with the Husqvarna 455 Rancher.

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of the Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw

Husqvarna 455 Rancher – The Pros
  • It offers a lot of value for money considering the features offered and the relatively low price.
  • Handle the majority of general purpose sawing requirements with ease, thanks to the chainsaw’s powerful and torquey output (3.49hp / 3.2 Nm), and its ability to reach a maximum power speed of 9000 RPM.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to adapt the chainsaw’s speed to best suit each particular cutting task given the responsive throttle trigger capable of varying the speed between 2700-9000 RPM.
  • Start your chainsaw as quickly and hassle-free as possible thanks to its innovative Smart Start technology which is designed to make it start with minimum effort.
  • Benefit from Husqvarna’s LowVib technology which helps soak up a large proportion of the machine’s vibrations before they reach the user’s hands and arms to help reduce the fatigue associated with using the chainsaw.
  • Stay as safe as possible with the chainsaw’s inertia-activated chain brake which is designed to improve the user’s protection from chainsaw kickback.
  • Enjoy peace of mind from the 455 Rancher’s efficiency credentials which help it comply with even the most stringent of environmental regulations worldwide (including CARB).
  • Spend more time cutting and less time maintaining your chainsaw thanks to helpful features such as the centrifugal air cleaning system and the handy side-mounted chain tensioner.
Husqvarna 455 Rancher – The Cons
  • The chainsaw’s engine size and power output probably won’t be sufficient for continuous, heavy-duty use by professional users such as loggers. The 460 Rancher (shown below) comes with a larger engine and a bigger torque and power output, but this will likely still be insufficient for professional use.

Popular Comparison

Husqvarna 455 Rancher vs 460 Rancher

(Scroll table if needed)

image of the Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw
image of the Husqvarna 460 Rancher chainsaw
Model Number:
455 Rancher
460 Rancher
Engine Type:
Air-Cooled, 2 Stroke
Air-Cooled, 2 Stroke
Cylinder Displacement:
55.5 cm³
60.3 cm³
Power Output:
3.49 hp
3.62 hp
Maximum Power Speed:
9000 rpm
9000 rpm
Idling Speed:
2700 rpm
2700 rpm
Torque Max:
3.2 Nm
3.4 Nm
Fuel Consumption:
407 g/kWh
437 g/kWh
Chain Speed @ Max Power:
65.6 fts
65.62 fts
Oil Tank Volume:
0.68 US pint
0.7 US pint
Oil Pump Type:
Adjustable Oil Pump:
Chain Tensioner:
2x Nuts
2x Nuts
Cutter Bar Length:
15", 18", 20"
20", 24"
Sound Power Level, Guaranteed (LWA):
114 dB(A)
114 dB(A)
Safety Chain Brake:
Weight (Excl. Cutting Equipment:
13.2 lbs
13.2 lbs

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Accessories

There is a wide variety of general and specific 455 Rancher accessories available, from carrying cases to keep your Husqvarna chainsaw as well protected as possible while making it easier to transport it to the job site, to personal protective equipment which is an absolute must given the inherent dangers that come with using a chainsaw.

Here are a few popular options:

Husqvarna 100000107 Powerbox Chainsaw Carry Case

an image showing the Husqvarna 100000107 powerbox chainsaw carry case

The Powerbox carrying case is made from HDPE (highy density polyethylene), and features a double walled construction to keep your 455 Rancher well protected.

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Husqvarna 592752601 Forest Head Protection Helmet

an image showing the Husqvarna 592752601 forest head protection helmet

A one-size-fits-most UV protected hard hat. Features a 6-point suspension system and slip ratchet adjustment, & includes a face visor and 25 dB (a) NRR hearing protectors.

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Husqvarna Protective Clothing – Various Sizes/Styles Available

an image showing Husqvarna protective clothing for use with the 455 Rancher chainsaw

Husqvarna protective chaps and aprons available in a variety of sizes and styles, in addition to equipment harnesses to make carrying your chainsaw and accessories easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What bar sizes are available for the 455 Rancher?
You can purchase the chainsaw with either a 15″, 18″ or 20″ bar. You can purchase different sized non-Husqvarna bars too, but Husqvarna recommends that the bar isn’t shorter than 13″ or longer than 20″.
  1. Does the chainsaw come assembled?
Yes – although you’ll need to add fuel/oil, and it’s advisable to check the chain tension before use.
  1. Does the chainsaw come with a case?
No – it features a bar cover but not a case. If you’re looking for a case that fits the 20″ 455 Rancher, the Husqvarna 100000107 case is a good option – click here to see it on Amazon.
  1. Is the chain included?
Yes – each bar size variant of the chainsaw comes with an appropriately sized chain.
  1. Is it easy to adjust the chain tension?
Yes – it’s a case of loosening two bolts on the chain guide itself, and then either tightening or untightening the adjusting bolts as necessary. Once complete, you need to retighten the chain guide’s two bolts.

The user manual covers the entire process in detail, and the chainsaw comes with the tool needed to adjust the chain’s tension.

  1. What is the 455 Rancher’s engine size?
It features a 55.5cc two-stroke gas engine that has a power rating of 2.6kW/3.5hp.
  1. Is it easy to start and stop the 455 Rancher?
Yes, the 455 Rancher features Husqvarna’s air purge system which makes it easier for cold or hot starting of the chainsaw given that it pre-primes the carburetor to reduce the number of pull starts needed.

It also features Smart Start functionality that provides mechanical assistance to make the chainsaw start quickly with minimum effort, and this reduces the effort required during pull starting by up to 40%.

It’s just as easy to stop the chainsaw too by pressing the stop-button to cut off the engine.

  1. What two-stroke oil is recommended for the 455 Rancher’s engine?
Husqvarna recommends using good quality oil that is intended for two-stroke air-cooled engines.
  1. Does it include fuel?
  1. How loud is the 455 Rancher during use?
Husqvarna states that the guaranteed sound power level (LWA) of the 455 Rancher is 114 dB(A), and this equates to 104 dB(A) at the operator’s ear making hearing protection a must when operating the chainsaw.
  1. Is the chainsaw CARB compliant?
  1. What protective equipment is available from Husqvarna?
Personal protective equipment is an absolute must for anyone working with a chainsaw. Husqvarna have designed a complete range of protective clothing and equipment to make working with a chainsaw safer and more productive, such as chaps and aprons, helmets and visors, hearing protectors, and work gloves – click here to see them on Amazon.

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