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Husqvarna 125B Leaf Blower:

The Complete Buyer’s Guide

image showing the Husqvarna 125B leaf blower

image showing the Husqvarna 125B leaf blower in use

Husqvarna 125B Specs
Model Number:125BFuel Consumption:575 g/kWh
Engine Type:2-Stroke, Air-CooledAir Speed:170 mph
Cylinder Displacement:28 cm³Blowing Force:12.5 N
Power Output:1.1 hpLWA Noise Level:107 dB(A)
Max Power Speed:8000 rpmWeight:9.4 lbs
What’s Included?
  • 1x Husqvarna 125B Leaf Blower
  • 1x Standard Nozzle
  • 1x High-Velocity Nozzle
  • 1x Bottle of Two-Stroke Engine Oil
  • 1x Operator’s Manual
Detailed Info

Many people make the mistake of thinking that a leaf blower is only useful during Fall, but that’s simply not the case. If you’re in any way proud of your garden, you’ve probably felt the frustration as your pride and joy is left obliterated by a storm, with leaves, twigs, and soil being thrown around to leave it looking in a sorry state. Don’t even get us started on the effects of a storm in Fall…

There’s no denying that raking and brushing up the leaves gets the job done, but it’s a long and backbreaking process (unsurprisingly, using a leaf blower has been found to be much quicker than manual raking). And who wants to say goodbye to a few evenings or an entire weekend anyway? There’s no reason why it needs to be this tough and time-consuming though…

Enter the Husqvarna 125B leaf blower; the smarter choice for the homeowner who wants to keep their garden and driveway looking pristine as quickly, thoroughly, and hassle-free as possible.

As you’ll see from this article, the 125B leaf blower comes packed with a variety of features to help you round up every stray leaf – either dry or wet. From its powerful motor capable of blowing at 170 MPH to its handy cruise control feature that lets you cover a bigger area without the hassle and strain of continually holding the trigger, you’ll be able to spend less time (and effort!) blowing leaves and more time enjoying your immaculate garden, all thanks to the Husqvarna 125B leaf blower.

The Smartest Way to a Leaf Free Garden or Driveway

The heart of any leaf blower is its motor, and in the case of the 125B, this is a more than adequate 28 cm³ engine with a power output of 1.1 hp. While it isn’t the most powerful motor in a modern leaf blower by any means, the fact is, it doesn’t need to be. The 125B is still capable of blowing at 170 MPH as mentioned, and this is more than sufficient to handle the leaf blowing needs of any homeowner.

So how does it do it? Well, Husqvarna has designed the 125B in such a way that makes it a great example of using brains to reduce the need for brawn. The blowing tube itself is arguably just as critical as the engine in helping to generate the leaf blower’s impressive power, and in the case of the 125B, it features a few innovative measures to help maximize its contribution.

Firstly, the tube itself is adjustable (see notches in the image below), and this allows it to be adapted to best suit the size of each user (the closer the tube’s outlet is to the ground, the more effective it will be, and so the tube can be both lengthened or shortened as needed to achieve this).

image showing the adjustable blower tube of the Husqvarna 125B leaf blower

Secondly, this model comes with two different nozzle types. The round nozzle is designed to improve accuracy given that it provides a high air-stream concentration (up to 130 MPH), and this would be useful for adding smaller groups of leaves to a larger pile, for example. There is also a flared nozzle available, and this is particularly useful for when you need a wider air-stream and higher air velocity (up to 170 MPH) to blow leaves strewn across a much wider area.

image showing both the flared and flat nozzles that come with the Husqvarna 125B leaf blower

Easy to Use

The Husqvarna 125B leaf blower is very light (weighing just 9.4 lbs) in a bid to make it as maneuverable as possible, but this is only one of a host of features that combine to make it as easy to use as possible.

Just as important as weight is the ergonomics of the machine, and the fact is if you’re going to be using the blower over long periods and moving it around to direct the airflow as and where required, it needs to be comfortable to hold.

Husqvarna has designed the 125B’s body with an inline design, and this means that the fan housing is engineered so that the air stream is directly in line with the handle, and this helps to minimize any lateral stresses which would otherwise to lead to faster, and more significant, fatigue in your wrist and arm.

Another feature that helps minimize strain is the handy cruise control functionality, and this allows you to remove your finger from the trigger altogether while the blower continues to operate at the speed you’ve set on the variable speed control.

Continuing on the subject of the variable speed control; this couldn’t be more straightforward to operate, and it lets you better suit the leaf blower’s output to each particular task. For example; working close to delicate flower beds? No problem – reduce the 125B’s engine power using the lever on its handle to soften the output. Simple!

image showing both the variable speed control of the Husqvarna 125B leaf blower

Easy to Start, Stop and Maintain

Read the reviews of any gas-powered tool with a pull-starter, and one common issue that comes up time and time again is difficulty starting the engine. We’ve experienced this ourselves with many garden tools, and the combination of a sore hand and the frustration of the machine refusing to start is far from fun.

Thankfully, it would appear that Husqvarna has had their fair share of this pain, as they’ve built their Air Purge feature into the 125B in a bid to make it as easy as possible by helping to remove air from the carburetor and fuel system. Based on the reviews available, there’s no reason why it should be challenging to start provided you keep the leaf blower well maintained and use the correct mix of gasoline and 2-stroke engine oil.

image showing the air purge bulb on the Husqvarna 125B leaf blower that makes it easier to start

When it comes to stopping the leaf blower, it features a simple stop-button on the top of the grip which will cut the engine. Even better? It has a handy mechanism which automatically resets to the ON position after stopping the leaf blower for easier starting next time.

Basic maintenance of the 125B leaf blower is relatively simple, too. For example, Husqvarna recommends cleaning the air filter after every 25 hours of use, or more regularly if conditions are exceptionally dusty, and as a semi-regular requirement, you’ll be happy to hear that the filter is easily reachable from the back of the unit to make cleaning or replacing it very straightforward. To give users a helping hand in helping ensure their 125Bs’ run as smoothly as possible, Husqvarna has listed each of the daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance requirements in the 125B leaf blower manual.

In Summary

The Husqvarna 125B leaf blower provides a good mix of power, ease of use, and value for money.

No, it probably won’t be the handheld leaf blower of choice for anyone looking for a garden tool capable of handling heavy-duty or commercial-grade requirements, but that shouldn’t put the average user off. The fact remains – it’s very straightforward to use, it features a punchy maximum blowing speed of 170 MPH, and it comes with a variety of helpful features such as cruise control and adjustable speed control – so what’s not to like?

If you’re in the market for a garden tool that will help you keep your lawn and driveway as neat and tidy as possible with minimal effort, the Husqvarna 125B handheld leaf blower is a great option.

We’ve included a summary of the various advantages and disadvantages of this model below to help you make up your mind.

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of the Husqvarna 125B Leaf Blower

Husqvarna 125B – The Pros
  • It offers a lot of bang for your buck.
  • Homeowners will be able to handle the majority of their leaf blowing needs with ease thanks to this model’s mid-ranged output (maximum power of 1.1 hp), and its ability to provide an air speed of up to 170 MPH
  • Easily adapt the leaf blower’s speed to best suit each task by using the variable speed control lever which is located conveniently on the handle.
  • Customize end-performance even further thanks to its adjustable tube design and the two different nozzles provided (1x round outlet to improve accuracy and 1x flared outlet for when a wider air-stream is required).
  • Start the 125B as quickly and hassle-free as possible thanks to its air purge technology which is designed to remove air from the carburetor and fuel system which could otherwise make starting difficult.
  • Benefit from this model’s cruise control function to cover a larger area without the hassle and strain of continually holding the trigger.
  • Reduce the strain of using the 125B over prolonged periods given its light weight of only 9.4 lbs.
Husqvarna 125B – The Cons
  • This model does not provide vacuum functionality as standard. A separate vacuum kit is required (see accessories selection below), or the Husqvarna 125BVx can be purchased instead which offers this as standard (see below comparison).
  • A gas-powered, 2-stroke leaf blower will always be harder to start than a comparable electric/battery-powered version; however, this disadvantage is offset by the fact that you don’t have an electric cable or a battery that needs charging with a gas-powered garden tool.

Popular Comparison

Husqvarna 125B vs 125BVx

(Scroll table if needed)

husqvarna 125b leaf blower
husqvarna 125bvx leaf blower
Model Number:
Engine Type:
Air-Cooled, 2 Stroke
Air-Cooled, 2 Stroke
Cylinder Displacement:
28 cm³
28 cm³
Power Output:
1.1 hp
1.1 hp
Maximum Power Speed:
8000 rpm
8000 rpm
Fuel Consumption:
575 g/kWh
575 g/kWh
Air Speed:
170 mph
170 mph
Blowing Force:
12.5 N
12.5 N
LWA Noise Level:
107 dB(A)
107 dB(A)
Blowing Function:
Vacuum Function:
Vac Bag Capacity:
17 gal (US)
Nozzles Supplied:
Round, Flared
Round, Flared
Shoulder Strap Supplied:
9.4 lbs
9.6 lbs

Husqvarna 125B Accessories

There is a wide variety of general and specific Husqvarna leaf blower accessories available, from gutter kits to help you clean your hard-to-reach gutters to vacuum kits that make it possible to use your 125B as both a leaf blower and a leaf vacuum.

Here are a few popular options:

Husqvarna 952711918 Leaf Blower Gutter Kit

an image showing the Husqvarna 952711918 leaf blower gutter kit

Includes four extension tubes, one pivot tube, and gutter nozzle tube. Full reach is 12′ when being held 2.5′ feet from the ground to give blower access to clean gutters.

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Husqvarna 952711913 Leaf Blower Vacuum Kit

an image showing the Husqvarna 952711913 leaf blower vacuum kit

Includes upper and lower vacuum tube with screw to lock tubes together, vac elbow, vac bag, shoulder strap, and scrench to provide the 125B with a vacuum function.

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Husqvarna 531300089 Professional Headband Hearing Protectors

an image showing the Husqvarna 531300089 professional headband hearing protectors

One-size-fits-most lightweight hearing protectors. Comes with a flexible padded headband and features pressure adjustment – for use without a hard hat.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does the 125B function as a vacuum as well as a leaf blower?
No – the Husqvarna 125B does NOT have vacuum capability as standard. It requires the vacuum kit which sells separately, or you can purchase the Husqvarna 125BVx which includes the vacuum kit as standard.
  1. Is the 125B capable of mulching?
No – the Husqvarna 125B is not capable of mulching as standard. The Husqvarna 125BVx is, however.
  1. Does this model of leaf blower come with a shoulder strap?
  1. Does it come assembled?
Yes. The only requirement is fitting the blower tube which slots together easily.
  1. Does this model come with a storage case or bag?
  1. Does this model come with a flared nozzle?
Yes – it comes with both a round (standard) nozzle and a high-velocity (flared) nozzle.
  1. Does the 125B have a variable speed control?
Yes – the leaf blower’s speed is controlled via a variable speed lever.
  1. Does the 125B have a cruise control function?
  1. What is the 125B’s engine size?
It features a 28 cm³ engine that delivers a power output of 1.1 hp and is capable of a maximum power speed of 8000 rpm.
  1. Is it easy to start the 125B?
It’s important to remember that a gas-powered, 2-stroke garden tool will always be harder to start than a comparable electric or battery-powered version, for example the WORX WG591 leaf blower. Having said that, the 125B leaf blower features a pull-starter mechanism for starting, and it also includes Husqvarna’s Air Purge technology which removes air from the carburetor and fuel system to make starting easier.
  1. What two-stroke oil is recommended for this leaf blower?
Husqvarna recommends using good quality oil that is intended for two-stroke air-cooled engines.
  1. Does it come with fuel?
  1. How loud is the 125B during use?
Husqvarna states that the guaranteed sound power level (LWA) of this model is 107 dB(A), and this equates to 94 dB(A) at the operator’s ear making hearing protection a must when operating the machine.

Husqvarna 125B Review Videos

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